Past Leadership

The following individuals have served the Port of Klickitat as Port Commissioners, Port Managers/Directors or, in some cases, both. Learn more about the people who have worked to make the Port of Klickitat a success...whether as a Port Manager/Director or a Commissioner for District 1, District 2, or District 3 (district information). The people listed here form a legacy of care, commitment, and involvement in making our community a better place and for that, we thank them.

Under Construction We need your help! If you are related to, or know about, any of the people listed here, please help us in tracking down photographs and information about them. Any photo is welcome, but we are particularly seeking those that can be scanned and then cropped into an appropriate "head shot". Photos of the person taken at the time they served the Port are particularly desired. If you have information about one the people shown below, a photograph of them, or know of someone who does, please contact us and help us honor their service to the Port and our community.

Anderson, R. T.CommissionerDistrict 1
Bates, R. J.CommissionerDistrict 1
Berglund, Albin I.CommissionerDistrict 1
Berglund, Albin I.CommissionerDistrict 3
Berglund, Albin I.Interim Manager
Cain, Roy H.CommissionerDistrict 1
Cain, Roy H.Port Manager
Crowe, JoeCommissionerDistrict 3
Deo, NormanCommissionerDistrict 1
Ford, Rodger L.CommissionerDistrict 2
Frey, Spencer ("Dan")CommissionerDistrict 2
Hamm, William M. ("Bill")CommissionerDistrict 2
Harris, HaroldCommissionerDistrict 1
Harvey, B. MarcCommissionerDistrict 2
Hemingway, John W. ("Bill")Port Manager
Holly, FredCommissionerDistrict 3
Irwin, ClarencePort Manager
Israel, Jack W.Port Manager
James, Homer H.CommissionerDistrict 2
Johnson, LonCommissionerDistrict 3
Killian, Leon D.CommissionerDistrict 1
Kreps Jr., Oliver P. ("Ollie")CommissionerDistrict 3
Kreps, Orie R.CommissionerDistrict 1
Langfield, Karl C. ("Casey")Port Manager
Mansfield, MikeCommissionerDistrict 3
McCormick, A. C.CommissionerDistrict 3
McCuistion, M. KathleenCommissionerDistrict 1
Nichols, Deane RobertCommissionerDistrict 1
Nichols, Deane RobertPort Manager
Reed Jr., Donald A.CommissionerDistrict 1
Schmitt, William A. ("Bill")CommissionerDistrict 2
Sherwood, DianneExecutive Director
Shortt, BrianPort Director
Spatz, DanielInterim Director
Stacy, ElmerPort Manager
Thompson, BettyCommissionerDistrict 1
Thornsbury, Marc D.Executive Director
Tidyman, Lawrence C.CommissionerDistrict 2
Wallace, Oscar F.CommissionerDistrict 3
Webber, Alden H.Port Manager
White, StephenPort Manager
Wnuk, Steve F.CommissionerDistrict 3
Zenor, R. DouglasPort Manager