Business Office

Find forms, requests for proposal/qualifications, invitations to bid/requests for quote, and other information regarding doing business with the Port yourself and others that are doing business with the Port. This includes contracts awarded and surplus property to be disposed of by bid or auction.

Public Records Request PDF icon
Public Records Hold Harmless PDF icon
(for copies of architectural/engineered drawings)
Assignment of Account PDF icon
Transitory Water Use Application PDF icon
Fill Placement Application PDF icon
Artifact or Human Remains Discovery Form PDF icon
Water Service Application PDF icon
Small Works Roster Application PDF icon
Professional Services Roster Application PDF icon
IRS W-9 for Roster Applications PDF icon
Requests for Qualifications/Proposal
Invitations to Bid / Requests for Quote
2018-04DIP Lot 40 Real Estate Appraisal PDF icon
2018-03Marina Way Radar Inspection PDF icon
2018-02Real Estate Appraisal Services PDF icon
2018-01Groundskeeping Services PDF icon
2017-05 Suite A Carpet Cleaning PDF icon
2017-04 Suite E HVAC Repair PDF icon
2017-03 DIP Well Controller Diagnosis PDF icon
2017-02 Backflow Prevention Device Testing PDF icon
2017-01 Marina Way Path PDF icon
Plan Set PDF icon
2016-03 Bingen Point Grading Project PDF icon
2016-02 118 Columbia River Bldg Asphalt Repair PDF icon
2016-01 DIP Mine Archaeology Survey PDF icon
Addendum 1 PDF icon
2015-06 RAMCo Site Cap PDF icon
Plan Set PDF icon
Addendum 1 PDF icon
2015-051D Electrical Cabinet Reinstallation PDF icon
2015-04BPBP Archaeological Survey PDF icon
2015-031D Electric Cabinet Pad Replacement PDF icon
(Cancelled and withdrawn)
2015-02Concrete Procurement PDF icon
2015-01Groundskeeping Services PDF icon
2014-06 DIP Lot 80 Water Well PDF icon
Plan Set PDF icon
2014-05 DIP Lot 80 Grading PDF icon
Plan Set PDF icon
Addendum 1 PDF icon
2014-04 Bingen Point Flooring PDF icon
Addendum 1 PDF icon
2014-03 DIP Lot 5 Fire Line Removal PDF icon
2014-02 DIP Lot 53 Archaeological Survey PDF icon
Addendum 1 PDF icon
2013-10 Marina Way Overlay PDF icon
Plan Set PDF icon
Addendum 1 PDF icon
Addendum 2 PDF icon
2013-07 Groundskeeping Services PDF icon
Addendum 1 PDF icon