Rail Facilities

Rail Facilities


The Port's Dallesport Industrial Park (DIP) sits adjacent to the BNSF Railway's Fallbridge Subdivision Main Line (Segment 47/CLIC 6299) and is served out of its local yard at Wishram located 10 miles east. Three Port-owned spurs and one BNSF-owned siding are available for use and described below. Port spurs utilize 132 pound rail meeting American Railway Engineering Association (AREA) specifications. Use of Port tracks is subject to a usage (per car) fee and such use must be scheduled in advance (contact us).

Northeast Spur

CLIC* No.6285
ServesLots 11, 12, and 18
Length2,500 feet

Northwest Spur

CLIC* No.6275
ServesLots 4, 10, and 12
Length1,500 feet

West Spur

CLIC* No.6283
Serves101 Parallel Building (Lot 5)
Length1,000 feet

South Siding

CLIC* No.6281
ServesLots 43 and 44 (waterfront)
Length1,000 feet

*Car location and inventory control

More Information

Port plans call for a 1,700 foot extension of the South Spur to serve the Port's current and future terminal facilities on lots 45 and 46, a 3,300 foot extension of the West Spur running 400 feet west before turning north and serving lots 26 through 34, and the addition of a 1,200 foot spur to serve a future trans-load and storage facility located on lot 8. The facility may be owned/operated by the Port, a private entity, or though a public/private partnership. If interested, please contact us.